The Ray of Gold Make Up Look

This winter the all golden look is very hot. This look is very rich and makes you look gilded, bright and warm, just like the Bond Girl (but much less extreme.)  The look is accomplished with a mix of gold, copper and bronze shades that cast a golden glow over your entire complexion. However it is important to remember the golden rule of using shimmer.  Too much will show off your flaws. The younger and smoother your lids are the more glitter they can take at one time.


To get the look start with a warmer peachier foundation and wash it all over you skin.  Make sure to apply a light bronzer as a blush.  A very light gold highlighter should be applied over the cheekbones.  Depending on your skin tone some women might even want to opt for a yellower shimmery tone or even a white.  White highlighter does compliment shimmering golden tones as well.


This look looks best with slightly thinner lighter brows. You can use a powdered brow lightener to add a little bit of red to your brows.


To do your eyes tap a highlighter color in very pale gold on the brow bone. Then take a bronze shadow and run it along the crease of the lid.  If you are older use a matte shadow on your lids and forgo the shiny stuff. If you are younger with no wrinkles then use the brilliant shiny stuff.


Run the darkest color, such as rich copper along the upper lash line with a smudge brush to create the perfect line.  Then blend the shadow with the liner so that it all slightly overlaps.   Use a big brush to smudge the color in the crease with the shadow and brow colors.


Your next step is to run a bronze eyeliner pencil all around the eye. Apply it as close as possible to the eye to prevent it from looking clown-like.


Make sure the lipstick you choose has a bit of an orange and gold shimmer to it even if you are choosing a darker shade.  You can even highlight your original shade with a gold or bronze lip gloss so this look really rocks on your face.


You can finish this look off with the usual black mascara but brown or forest green mascara looks amazing as part of this gilded look.


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Winter Street Style

There are all kinds of cool looks to be had for winter but some of the most innovative turn up on the streets of the some of the coolest cities in the world.


For instance in Toronto, Canada things tend to get a bit chilly. Girls there can be seen in Toast skirts. These are skirts that fasten at the waist like a big wrap around skirt. They are very feminine and look great over pants. They are made of a very nice quilted warm fabric.


A big style for winter in New York, Vancouver,  Toronto and other big North American cities is the trend to wear oversized everything.  Even tiny women are seen in huge trench coats, long sloppy scarves and big socks that flow out of their boots.  The pants are warm and saggy and droop a bit and so do the oversized sweaters worn by these girls.  The coolest girls wear long kid gloves and roll up the sleeves of their trench coat.  Kid gloves with little pearl buttons or wool gloves that look like vintage gloves are all the rage.


Another trend has to do with the way women are wearing their scarves. The scarf should be long and thick and it should be looped several times around the neck. It cannot hang or dangle.


Vintage coats and especially vintage capes with a bit of a military flair are also all the rage.  The hippest capes are a dark military blue and hang to just below the knee.


Yet another trend that work best for the very long is to wear black Beatle style ankle boots with black tights and a black mini skirt or dress that is then topped with a very short pea coat.  The idea is that the pea coat length is no longer than the mini dress. This looks is also topped off with fingerless gloves and a thick scarf preferably in a color like olive or grey.


In some southern cities a new trend is turning up and that is to wear a cropped leather jacket with a full shirt tied around your waist. The arms at waist level and then left to dangle down the back tie this shirt. It is usually a plaid or tartan patterned shirt that is worn with blue jeans. It is a look that is popular with both female and male members of the younger set.


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