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Hourly Limo Rental Tips

If you want to rent a limo for Valentine’s Day either to pick up that special someone to take him to a romantic place or to have a good time with your girfriends than there is a few things you should know as to how to ren one at an hourly rate.



First of all you should avoid selecting a limousine service based on price alone. This is because there is no real standard for limousines and hourly rental in the industry. You could spend a lot of money and then still end up with a limo that is not in the greatest shape. Also the cheaper the limo rental the less likely it is to translate into any five star experiences.  You could end up rude or untrained chafers, dirty cars or in a vehicle that has not been maintained for a while.



To make sure that you do not become a victim of the broken down limo or the lost reservation make sure that you research your limo company a bit before making any deals with them.  Sometimes those limos are not broken at all and your reservation may be lost because your limousine driver was offered a better flat fee than your hourly rate deal.. You can find out a lot about limo companies by talking to your friends or simply researching them on the Internet.



Before signing on the dotted line you also need to make sure the limo rental company is carrying commercial insurance and proper permits. Unfortunately you have to ask limo companies if they have this kind of documentation, as there is no law saying they have to state it.



Usually the hourly cost of the limousine is directly proportionate to its size with stretch limos that can seat fourteen to 24 people obviously costing a lot more an hour than ones that only seat four people. Luxury sedans are also less costly.  Hummers and SUVs are the most expensive.



Your hourly rental rate may also vary according to the season. Booking a limo during times of high demand such as on holidays like St. Valentine’s Day can be more expensive.


However in general the hourly rate for a limo varies from anywhere to $35 to $150 depending on all kinds of different factors. These are just very rough guidelines as to what to expect when it comes to limo rental pricing.


Keeping the above tips in mind when you rent a limo will give you the most positive rental experience possible.


Different Ways to Serve Up Chocolate for Valentines Day

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There’s nothing like chocolate to warm up the heart on a cold winter’s day but it is also the perfect food to serve on Saint Valentine’s Day.



Perhaps the simplest way to enjoy chocolate is as a chocolate bar or as a box of Chocolates. If you like mint chocolate Laura Secord makes a killer French Mint chocolate.  You can also get orange chocolate that is ball shaped like an orange and that when you smash it, immediately falls open into several segments.  Chocolate coins are also a nice way to get a gift of chocolate.



Sophistcates love the molded chocolates.  An example are the Godiva chocolates that are shapped like seashells.  You can also get baked goods like crousisants drizzled with chocolate, ganache or truffles.



Real lovers of dessert love any kind of chocolate cake. The classic is just Devil’s Food Cake with thick butter cocoa Island.  Red Velvet Cake which is a cocoa based cake tinted red with food coloring or cherry juice is also a real treat.



Some people love smooth creamy chocolate puddings or chocolate mousses topped with whipped cream more than they love a chocolate bar.  You can now make puddings in a small mason jar, top it with a lid and then keep these in the refrigerator until it is time to give thm a way as gifts.



Yet another delightful way to get your chocolate is to drink it in a milkshake or simply enjoy the simplicity of drinking a glass of chocolate milk and eating it with a cookie.  Shortbread also goes great with a glass of chocolate milk as do chocolate fudge brownies.



Chocolate ice cream is also nirvana for frozen dessert lovers as are fudgesicles. If you are on a diet you can always buy Skinny Cow fudgesicles and ice cream sandwiches. Hagan Daz is also making low fat ice creams now so you do not have to gain a lot of weight. Nowadays you can buy topping that when poured on top of cold ice cream simply hardens so that it is like eating ice cream with a hard shell.



If you love pure chocolate then one way to enjoy it is to put it in the freezer first. This firms it up to make a delicious treat.


You don’t always have to eat your chocolate.  If you are afraid of gaining weight you might enjoy smelling your chocolate instead. Many scented candels come in a  chocolate aroma.  There are also chocolate scented body washes, body lotions and perfumes now on the market that can at least help you smell like a sweet confection.

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